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The leading experts for Expats in Germany for all matters concerning insurance, investment, mortgage and pension planning since 2005.

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Independent insurance advice for Expats

Our team of independent financial advisors for Expats in Germany specializes in guiding Expats through the notoriously difficult German system, with comprehensive financial services and advice. We pride ourselves in providing truly independent financial advice of the highest quality, taking care to understand your culture and individual needs.

Choosing the right health insurance is a major challenge when moving to Germany. In addition, there are many other decisions about sensible insurances, such as income protection insurance, 3rd party liability or company pension scheme or QROPS transfers.

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Patrick Oliver Ott | aka


Patrick Oliver Ott aka Starshollow
 toytown  specialist
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Martina Martinez - Health insurance expert at CrCie

Expat advisor since 2006 

Martina Martinez

 health insurance specialist
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Why expats choose us?

Every Expat who is or will be living in Germany will require financial advice in several fields, which are more often than not interlocked.

That's why, a fully comprehensive independent financial advice has to include all four areas if meant seriously.

Our holistic approach in giving advice to our clients includes a complete solution in financial services.

That's why more than 10,000 Expats trust us already.

Pension Planning
lowest interest rates & long-term security

Real estate financing with over 450 partner banks

You are staying longer in Germany and want to buy your own property? We will help you find the right real estate mortgage for your needs. Thanks to our access to more than 450 partner banks, we always offer the best interest rate and provide long-term security.

We offer more than just an interest rate comparison - we create a holistic financing concept.

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Real estate financing
Investments in germany fpr expats
real estate, pension plan or stock market?

Investments in Germany for Expats 

What are the options for investing money in Germany? Simply parking your savings in a savings account is certainly not the most sensible option in the current interest rate situation. Better options may be investing money in shares, real estate or pension savings plans.

This requires knowledge and experience. At CRCIE, we have been advising expats on their financial investments since 2005.

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Independent broker for the best solution

In Germany, there are many intermediaries and advisors for finance, insurance or financing. Many of them are bound to one company and can only offer you limited products.

As a free and independent broker, we are committed solely to you. Your wishes and interests are the focus of our business, not a particular company or product provider.

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Independent broker for the best solution


What people say about us


I was so impressed with the service from CR&Cie, that I made an account on this forum just to share my story. I am from Ireland and my situation was a bit of a problem. AOK didn't wanted to accept me and told me to buy private insurance. They where a profound help to my family and they saved me quite a bit of money as well.

Enrico F.

Highly highly highly recommended. I have been working with them on choosing and setting up my insurances, and ending up to get most of the insurances managed by CR&Cie. Absolutely outstanding level of help and assistance to many complex topics. Super throughout, very empathetic and highly responsive. I highly recommend CR&Cie to everyone. The difference betwen them and other insurance service providers are ginormous. Absolutely fantastic.


I just want to give a thumps up CR&Cie team. I come from Italy and live in Germany and I had many questions and issues with insurances and pension plans. I was quite stressed by the German bureaucracy and I couldn't figure out what to do. Thanks to CR&Cie team, I got a solution to everything that I asked. Their approach was very trustworthy, solid and competent. My personal savior.
5 stars+!

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