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Patrick Ott

Patrick Ott is the founder of Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie and has many years of experience in advising expats. On Toytown, he shares his knowledge in more than 6,000 articles.

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Starshollow from Toytown Germany: Patrick Ott

Patrick Ott aka Starshollow is widely known among expats and offers expert contributions and help on the topic of finance and insurance in forums like Toytown Germany.

There are now over 6,000 articles, comments and posts by Patrick on relevant topics in forums. On this website, Patrick has summarised his knowledge about important peculiarities in insuring and advising expats. In the joint blog with the other authors, Patrick offers useful tips and up-to-date information for expats in Germany.

Professional career and education of Patrick Ott

Since his training as a banker, Patrick has been at home in the finance and insurance industry. His second passion is politics. He became politically involved early on and held various offices. The most important stages of his curriculum vitae are as follows:
Master's degree in Germany in 'Political Science, Law and Economics'.
Degree in 'International Taxation' from Harvard University.
Second Master's degree 'Public Administration' Harvard Kennedy School.
Member of the Saxon State Parliament as a member of the FDP 1990-1994
Employee at Bankhaus August Lenz and American Express Finanz-Service
Lecturer at the LMU Munich, the Bundeswehr-Universität Munich and the Globe Business College in Munich
Major in Baierbrunn (close to Munich)
All the time while working as a member of parliament or studying I also kept on running my own business which I started already in 1987. At the beginning I started as a general insurance broker. During the time I specialized on advice of Expats in Germany. Chambervelt, Rooselain & Cie. has grown in the meantime to a whole team of advisors plus office staff and caters today to more than 1.200 existing clients in Germany.

Patricks approach: A holistic advice

“While I am happy to advise any client on insurance issues – especially health insurance – as a banker I am especially keen to offer investment advice.” Patricks passion fits perfectly to his goal of providing a holistic advice process.

Patrick and Cr&Cie are also an experienced experts with regards to the transfer of UK pensions (QROPS) and the consolidation or optimization of US-pensions like 401k, ROTH-IRA and more. Setting up a solid strategy for investing your capital in such a way that it fits your needs, goals and personal profile is the main focus of our work.

Starshollow at Toytown Germany: Why this nickname?

Patrick has often been asked where the AKA „Starshollow“ derived from? His imple answer: “When I started my contributions on Toytown in 2006, I was eagerly watching Gillmore Girls with my wife…and somehow that little place in Conneticut intrigued me to use the name.”

After writing more than 15 years on Toytown Germany and providing over 6.000 comments and articles, Starshollow is widely known in the Expat community and a lot of persons know Patrick Ott rather by his nickname than by his real name.