AOK health insurance for expats and students

AOK health insurance for expats and students
Patrick Ott
Patrick Ott
Expert for insurance and finance
11. April 2022

AOK is one of the largest and most popular health insurers in Germany. Around a third of the German population is insured with the company. The insurer also offers coverage for expats and students from abroad. Here you can find out what insurance cover the AOK offers and how much it costs for students and expats.

Why should you choose AOK as your health insurer in Germany?

The insurer offers an online platform in English that answers the most important questions about health insurance in Germany. In addition, there is a multilingual AOK health insurance contact via service hotline that you can use to get direct advice. This makes it easier for your to contact the health insurer. At selected universities, the AOK study service also offers personal counseling close to the campus.

In addition, the AOK health insurance offers its members various additional services that go beyond the statutory insurance coverage. The insurer takes over or contributes to the costs in selected health courses for yoga, fitness and nutrition. Members can also participate in free webinars. For example about "Studying and Working in Germany”.

What does the AOK health insurance cover?

Here are some of the benefits you can have with AOK coverage:

  • At the general doctor (GP): When you are sick, you go to your general doctor. If necessary, he will refer you to a specialist. In Germany there are around 130,000 doctors and dentists who are licensed by the public health insurance system.
  • Hospital coverage: If you need to go to the hospital or have an operation, your health insurance will cover the costs of medical care and accommodation. You have to pay a co-payment of 10 euros per day for your stay in the hospital, for a maximum of 28 days.
  • Dental care: You can have a preventive dental examination twice a year. The dentist will check your dental and oral health. If you need dentures, your health insurance will cover 60 percent of the costs of the statutory standard care. Only if you want higher-quality dentures or better care you will have to pay the additional costs yourself.
  • Screening examinations: In addition to dental checkups, once-a-year checkups with other doctors, such as a gynecologist, are also covered. You don´t have to pay for these yourself. The older you get, the more check-ups you are entitled to.
  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations recommended by the STIKO are paid for by the AOK health insurance. These include tetanus, influenza and TBE as well as the Covid-vaccination. The AOK also pays up to 200 euros for some selected travel vaccinations.
  • Medication: If the doctor prescribes you a medicine, you will receive a prescription (“Rezept”). With it, you go to a pharmacy and pick up your medicine. You pay ten percent of the cost (minimum five euros and maximum ten euros). For medicines that are not prescribed, you pay the full amount yourself.
  • Glasses: If you need glasses, the cost will be reimbursed on a pro-rated basis. A fixed amount is provided per lens.
  • International coverage: Outside of Germany, you have insurance coverage within the EU. But only for benefits that citizens of the respective country also receive from their statutory health insurance.
  • Cover for family members: Family members are also insured free of charge. This applies for partners who are not employed or have only a low income. And for children up to at least the age of 18. Beyond that until the age of 25, as long as they are in their first school or vocational education.

How much is the AOK health insurance price?

The price of the AOK health insurance depends on your income. You pay 14.6 percent for your health insurance. In addition, there is an additional contribution from your health insurance company, depending on which AOK you are insured. On average, the additional contribution is 1.3 percent. In 2022, the price for AOK health insurance will be 15.9 percent of gross income.

Are you in Germany as an employee? Then your employer pays half of the contribution.

If you are here as a student, there are two possibilities. Either your parents also live in Germany and you are under 25 years old, then you can insure yourself free of charge with your parents. (Cover for family members).

If you are over 25 or cannot use your parents' insurance, you must insure yourself. But the AOK offers you a cheap student insurance with low contributions.

Is AOK a public or a private insurance?

AOK is a public health insurance. It is open to all persons in Germany who are required to take out health insurance. However, there are different business units within the AOK, each of which operates independently. For example, the regional AOK Baden-Württemberg if you are in Heidelberg or Stuttgart, or the AOK Bayern for Munich. Which AOK is responsible for you depends on where you are going to work or study.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information online on the AOK health insurance website or contact the service hotline. Our experts are also available to help you.

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