Health insurance

Answering health questions is important for the selection of the individually suitable health insurance. Answer the questions completely and truthfully.
Health insurance form questions

Are there or have there been diseases, complaints or dysfunctions in the last 10 years?

The insurance needs to have an understanding of your pre-existing condition. Therefore, please describe the pre-existing condition as accurately as possible. 
1) Diagnosis: Please provide the medical diagnosis.
Example: Not "back pain" but "herniated disc in the lumbar spine."
2) Duration of the condition:
When did it first occur? 
(e.g., January 2020)
When did it last occur?
(e.g., December 2022)
How frequently does it occur?
(e.g., „3 times per year“ or „daily“ or „every spring“)
3) Treatment received:
How, how often, and for what duration was the treatment administered? 
(e.g., 10 sessions of physiotherapy from February 2022 to April 2022 or 3 injections between May 2021 and June 2021)
What medications did you take, if any?
(e.g., L-Thyroxine 50 mg, once daily, ongoing or Cetirizine 1 tablet daily during the hay fever season from March to May)
4) Are you free of treatment and symptoms?
Are you still undergoing treatment or taking medications? If not, when did it end?
(e.g., last medication taken in June 2020 or last physiotherapy session in October 2019)
Are you free from symptoms/complaints?
(e.g., symptom-free since April 2021)