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Important insurances for Expats in Germany

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Public or private insurance?

German healthcare system

One of the most important questions when moving to Germany is the question of health insurance. The German healthcare system is one of the best in the world - but it is also one of the most complex in the world.

You have the choice between statutory health insurance and private health insurance. However, where are the differences? Which one suits me best? We help you to answer these questions.
Health insurance for Expats
German healthcare system
Income protection insurance
Financial security during incapacity for work

Income protection insurance

Income protection insurance is an important protection for all those who live off their earned income. In the event of an occupational disability, the insurance gives you financial security. A monthly pension is paid for as long as you are unable to work in your profession. 

Next to health insurance, occupational disability insurance is the most important form of cover.
Income protection insurance for Expats
Protection in the event of damage caused

3rd party liability insurance

By law anyone doing damage to third parties is legally obligated to compensate the other person or persons in full for accidental damages encured because of you.

Depending on the damage, liability for this can quickly lead to financial ruin. Just think of an accident with personal injuries - the damages can run into the millions.
3rd party liability insurance for Expats
3rd party liabaility insurance in germany
pension insurance in germany
Financial freedom in retirement

Pension insurance

Germany has a statutory pension insurance scheme. Every employee pays a monthly contribution to this and receives a pension when he or she retires. Unfortunately, this pension is not enough to maintain the standard of living to which people are accustomed.

A private pension insurance or old-age provision is of fundamental importance and enables a financially secure retirement.
Pension insurance for Expats
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I was so impressed with the service from CR&Cie, that I made an account on this forum just to share my story. I am from Ireland and my situation was a bit of a problem. AOK didn't wanted to accept me and told me to buy private insurance. They where a profound help to my family and they saved me quite a bit of money as well.

Enrico F.

Highly highly highly recommended. I have been working with them on choosing and setting up my insurances, and ending up to get most of the insurances managed by CR&Cie. Absolutely outstanding level of help and assistance to many complex topics. Super throughout, very empathetic and highly responsive. I highly recommend CR&Cie to everyone. The difference betwen them and other insurance service providers are ginormous. Absolutely fantastic.


I just want to give a thumps up CR&Cie team. I come from Italy and live in Germany and I had many questions and issues with insurances and pension plans. I was quite stressed by the German bureaucracy and I couldn't figure out what to do. Thanks to CR&Cie team, I got a solution to everything that I asked. Their approach was very trustworthy, solid and competent. My personal savior.
5 stars+!

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