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We offer special insurance that might be interesting for you only in very special circumstances in your life, like certain public or private events, weddings, or dance events.

Many unpredictable could happen while planning for a wedding, like postponing or other personal or for organizational reasons. A wedding insurance will have you covered in such situations.

During a company event organized by you, a damage occurs or people are injured, you will be responsible and might face personal financial ruin if an event insurance was not made beforehand.

We can offer you custom tailored coverage that can even include coverage for bad weather and more.



Patrick Ott
Patrick Oliver Ott
Expert for insurance and finance
9. March 2022

We are the “Experts for Expats in Germany”

There is one quote from former US president Theodore Roosevelt (*27. Oktober 1858 – 6. Januar 1919) that we think best explains our attitude to our work, and demonstrates why financial advice from a C R & Cie. adviser is different from what you might get elsewhere:

"Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care."

Any decent financial adviser should obviously possess comprehensive knowledge about the laws and rules in Germany and the financial products you require. That is a given. The real difference becomes apparent when you need to find out just how much your adviser cares for your best interest, your well-being, in contrast to his or her own income.

While we are not the Salvation Army, and do not claim to be saints, we do think that even as a business you can adhere to simple but powerful ethical standards, the simplest one being the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do.

We try to establish long-term relationships with our clients

Financial advice, when done properly, is a long-term relationship with the client. We can only succeed in this line of business when we are treating our clients with fairness, care and respect. At least that’s how we see it. Our success since we started our business in 2006 has confirmed this belief to us.

We have found that the people who come to us looking for financial advice think the same way, and seek us out because of our good reputation. As a result, our business has grown and we have received many kind comments and references from existing clients.

Expat-experience of our advisers and team

Expats in Germany require a multitude of financial services in several fields, which are more often than not interlocked – which is why a fully comprehensive independent financial advice has to include all of the below if meant seriously.

Many members of the C R & Cie. team have experience as Expats themselves – we know how it feels. And this is why we care, why we will always go that extra mile to offer assistance that goes beyond what the average German adviser can or will offer.

So, in coming to C R & Cie. you will find the expert advice you need as an Expat – and people who care. We also have an excellent network of tax specialist for Expats, lawyers we can recommend or real estate brokers to name just some. When you are our clients, we can be your first line of defense in all financial matters.
Why expats trust us

100% English-speaking advisors - "Life is too short to learn German".

Offers from more than 150 insurance companies - with us you really have the choice

Many years of experience and specialisation - we know the needs of expats

the experts for expats
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Our range of financial services


Insurance advice

We also offer all kind of insurance services. As a broker we are obligated to present your best interest against the insurance companies. Part of this means we’ll handle your communication with the insurance company for you, including claims settlement. You can also use our fee-based extended insurance service which includes digitalising all your existing insurance documents, offering you a digital and well organized insurance folder to which you have access from any computer or smart-phone anytime.
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Pension planing and Tax saving

Pension planning & tax saving

Our pension planning and tax saving package includes services like German tax saving pension plans for employees, self-employed or freelancers, company pension schemes, QROP pension transfers to Germany and International,offshore pension plans.
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Investment strategies & portofolio check

We offer holistic financial advice that incorporates all important needs. As your investment advisor, you expect us to KNOW. We should know about markets and about how to invest your money in the best possible way. That should indeed always be a given. However, our approach to being your investment advisor goes further than this: because we CARE about you and your future.
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Investment strategies & portofolio check
CR & Cie - Best mortgage out of 400 banks

Best mortgage out of more than 400 banks

We help you get the best mortgage out of more than 400 German and international banks for properties in Germany. Our mortage services are including assistance with all the paperwork required for the mortgage application and due dilligence for the property.
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The most important insurance for expats

German healthcare system
Health insurance
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Income protection insurance
Income Protection Insurance
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3rd party liabaility insurance in germany
3rd Party Liablity Insurance
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