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What is simplr?

simplr is your digital insurance folder. No more. No less. In future, you can do without paperwork and folders. We always keep your insurance folder up to date and make all documents available to you digitally. You don't have to worry about anything.

Insurance has never been so easy! 
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How does simplr help me?

simplr - insurance app

Digital management of all contracts in one place

Access to new documents and information in real time

Change of address / account details with one click for all insurances

Change of address / account details with one click for all insurances

Worldwide access via app or web

Full transparency: you can view, compare, cancel or recalculate your contracts at any time

No paperwork, no folders

One contact person for all insurance policies

How simplr works

simplr is available as an app for the smartphone or as a web login. 
  1. We upload all your policies into the digital insurance folder and keep all documents and data up to date.
  2. You will get your username directly from us and in every email from simplr.
  3. On the simplr login page, you can request a password for your access. Enter your username and click on "Passwort vergessen".
  4. In the digital folder you can change data, compare insurances or enter new contracts.
  5. All contracts managed by us are automatically updated for you. 

Use simplr now and get 100 euros for free

1. Enter your contracts

Enter your insurance contracts in simplr. We will be happy to help you.

2. Activate simplr

Activate simplr by issuing a broker mandate for your contracts.

3. Receive bonus

Receive up to 100 euros for free in 4 to 6 weeks after activation.
Conditions for participation: You receive a premium of 15 euros for each new insurance contract entered in simplr up to a maximum premium of 100 euros. The insurance contracts must be valid and not cancelled. You are the policyholder and the insurance company confirms the insurance. Statutory health insurance, statutory pension insurance and already terminated or cancelled contracts are excluded from the bonus. The insurance contracts are not yet in our care. The activation of simplr takes place by granting the broker power of attorney and is prerequisite for the bonus. Participants must be over 18 years of age.

How can I use the offer and get simplr?

We will be happy to explain all the details of our offer and how simplr works. Simply book an appointment with one of our advisors or request your login details. 

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