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Cancer Scan Early Detection

Patrick Ott
Patrick Oliver Ott
Expert for insurance and finance
14. July 2023
Early cancer detection has never been so easy

Only one blood test for almost all cancers

Every year, more than 500,000 people are diagnosed with cancer, and the number is rising. Often, the disease is not diagnosed until symptoms are already present and it has already reached an advanced stage. However, the best remedy against cancer is to detect it early: Because earlier helps better.

So far, early detection is available for only about 45 percent of all cancers diagnosed each year. With the innovative PanTum Detect® blood test, almost 100 percent of all types of cancer and precancerous lesions can be detected with just one test.
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Do you need more information about PanTum Detect? Visit our partner-website: MehrWert Pantum Detect Bluttest für Krebs

HanseMerkur Krebs-Scan honored with Assekuranz Award

Currently, there are several cancer insurance policies on the German insurance market. But there is only one cancer screening insurance. All other products only pay out once a malignant tumor has been detected. The HanseMerkur insurance “Krebs-Scan” starts earlier:

The HanseMerkur Krebs-Scan starts earlier: The timely detection of cancer has extreme relevance for those affected. Because the earlier the cancer is detected, the greater the chances of cure or prolongation of life.

Earlier helps better – Get tested without symptoms

In a study of the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf with approx. 5,000 healthy subjects, an imaging procedure was performed in 151 people as a result of a conspicuous PanTum Detect® result. In 124, imaging confirmed suspicions of a potentially dangerous tumor.

How the Krebs-Scan early detection program works

An effective way to fight cancer is to detect it early. The Krebs-Scan program uses the PanTum Detect blood test and imaging techniques to detect cancer and its precursors at an early stage. Current imaging techniques such as PET/CT and MRI already make it possible to detect tumors as small as a few millimeters, but they are only used when there is sufficient suspicion and not for early detection. Pre-tests that enable early cancer detection offer hope.

HanseMerkur's Krebs-Scan supplementary insurance covers the annual cost of the cancer test. If there is an abnormal result, the costs for the imaging procedure (PET/CT or MRI) for further clarification and localization are covered. If the diagnosis confirms the original suspicion, the appropriate treatments and therapies begin. After completion of the oncological follow-up, the annual blood test should be performed again.

The basis of the cancer scan is an annual blood test (PanTum Detect). If this yields an abnormal result, imaging procedures (PET/CT and MRI) are used to determine whether the suspicion is confirmed. These procedures are currently the best diagnostics in the localization of tumors.

If the imaging procedures confirm the initial suspicion, a specialist will arrange for further steps, such as further examinations to determine the tumor more precisely (classification and typing), as well as treatment and therapy.

After completion of oncological follow-up, annual blood tests should be started again.

Sounds too simple? It is simple – our CEO Daniel Seeger tested it. Read his experience report now:

HanseMerkur Krebs-Scan - tariff ZY - detailed overview of benefits

  • Annual blood test for early detection of possible cancer 
  • In case of suspicion: imaging procedure to localize the cancer (MRI or PET/CT) 
  • 100% cost coverage for treatment by head physician and cancer specialist 
  • 100% cost coverage for accommodation in single or double room (alternatively €75 KHT) 
  • Daily spa allowance of €75 up to 42 days 
  • Various assistance services (e.g. doctor's appointment service, second medical opinion, drug advice) 
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FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the cancer scan screening program

Who can take out the supplementary Krebs-Scan insurance?

Persons over 18 years of age

Persons who have reached the age of 18 and are resident in Germany can be insured. The prerequisite is that the insured person has insurance coverage with a German statutory health insurance company (GKV), a comprehensive health insurance policy with a private health insurance company, or an entitlement to aid or free medical care within the meaning of the aid regulations of the federal government, the states, the municipalities or other public corporations.

Please note that there may also be exclusions for participation. You can find out more about this in the question: For whom is the PanTum Detect® cancer test not suitable? Who cannot participate?

What is the PanTum Detect® cancer test?

Cancer test for the early detection of potentially dangerous tumors

The PanTum Detect® cancer test is used for the early detection of malignant neoplasms and detects enzymes in the blood that are produced in increased amounts in many tumors. The blood test thus provides an indication of the possible presence of a potentially dangerous tumor.

How accurate is the result of the PanTum Detect® cancer test?

The PanTum Detect® cancer test provides an initial suspicion

The PanTum Detect® Cancer Test has been shown in a previous study to provide evidence that in 8 out of 10 abnormal blood tests, an imaging procedure (such as PET/CT, MRI) was useful in confirming a suspicion of an existing or developing tumor.

For whom is the PanTum Detect® cancer test not suitable? Who cannot participate?

Exclusion criteria for the PanTum Detect® cancer test

  1. cancer disease
    • Tumors and cancers that have been treated in any way (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, etc.) -> earliest possible 5 years after successful cure
    • Leukemia, myeloproliferative neoplasia (MPN) and myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) -> possible at the earliest 5 years after successful healing
  1. infectious inflammation (within the last 7 days)
    • cold, fever, cystitis
  1. further illness / injury (within the last 8 weeks)
    • Shingles (acute herpes zoster)
    • Injury / wound e.g. broken bones, deep cuts (deeper 0.5 cm and/or larger 1 cm), abrasion (larger 5 cm in diameter), open wound, contusion, torn ligament, blood in stool, blood in urine, hiatal hernia/hiatal hernia, inguinal hernia/groin hernia
    • Operation/surgery e.g. mirroring; dental treatment where tissue was injured
  1. other
    • Vaccination of any kind (within the last 4 weeks)
    • Tattooing (within the last 8 weeks)
    • Contrast medium, e.g. for MRI (within the last 4 weeks)
  1. medication (within the last 8 weeks)
    • Immunosuppressants: cortisone tablets/injection/inhalation (more than 5mg/day), post-transplant, ixekizumab / Taltz.
    • GM-CSF (immunostimulant)
    • MTX
    • Amygdalin (is contained in preparations from apricot kernels)

How quickly do I get an appointment for the imaging procedure after an initial suspicion?

If there is an initial suspicion through the blood test, you will be accompanied by HanseMerkur's Assitance. You will usually receive the appointment for an imaging procedure within the next 14 days.

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